Assisting Attorneys...

Your time is valuable so this will be brief..... You know your case and we know how to help you make it stronger. We are specialists in criminal defense, civil litigation support and family law matters. If you need research, witness interviews, supporting records, surveillance or anything else, give us a call today. If you aren't sure exactly what you need or how to get it, we can help there too. Thinking outside the box and brainstorming ideas is often invaluable in finding useful information.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

We have worked almost every type of case you have worked in both the State and Federal Courts. Covering them all would be impossible, but some of these include crimes such as capital murder, intoxicated manslaughter, DWI, assault, prostitution, robbery, and all variations thereof.

Additionally, we have investigated white collar crimes of fraud including banking, Medicare/Medicaid, mortgage, bankruptcy, immigration, marriage and more, as well as other federal cases like human trafficking and bank robbery. We work both hired and appointed cases with the State and Federal Courts.

Civil Attorneys

We are excellent at digging up information and providing it in a format you can use.

We perform comprehensive background research & records retrieval for litigation support, for potential business mergers, or for any other reason.

We perform surveillance if needed, talk to witnesses, conduct asset research and serve process. These are just a few of the many things we offer civil attorneys.

Family Law Attorneys

First, God bless you for dealing with the difficulty of divorce and child custody every day.

At Liberty Investigations, we have an excellent team of researchers and surveillance investigators. Whether it's infidelity, custody concerns, background checks, records retrieval, service of process or anything else you might need, we can help.

All of our investigators have provided courtroom testimony and are experienced and professional.

Do you need a private investigator?

Ask yourself the following questions and if you answer YES to just one, Liberty Investigations, Inc. can help you.

  • Do I need any witnesses interviewed or witness affidavits completed?
  • Do I need to locate anyone related to my case?
  • Do I need civil or criminal background research of anyone related to my case?
  • Do I need any asset research completed?
  • Are there any records that can help my case such as court documents or other records available by request or subpoena?
  • Do I need surveillance of anyone related to this case?
  • Or photos taken of a scene or location?
  • Do I need any papers served?
  • Do I need a licensed, unbiased, third party who can testify in court if needed?
  • Do I have ANY unanswered questions that will help my case?

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