Experienced and Ethical

So you need an EXPERT…But who do you trust? Let’s face it… private investigators have been stereotyped as shady, dishonest and untrustworthy. Sadly, this is often for good reason. But I’m excited to tell you about our company, Liberty Investigations, Inc. If you haven't heard of Liberty Investigations before, don't worry. After reading through our site, I'm confident you will be happy to have found us now.

My name is Allison Vinson. I have been a private investigator for over 25 years. In 2002, I founded Liberty Investigations, Inc. because I wanted to work for a company that defied the stereotypes and provided high quality work product and personalized service at a fair price. What better way to work for such a company than to create that company? With Liberty Investigations you can trust the work will be done right!

What makes us experts? That’s easy… EXPERIENCE. You would be amazed at the many different situations this team has faced over the years. Whether we are on surveillance, interviewing a witness, serving a paper, in an undercover assignment, conducting background research or simply going out to take a photograph, honestly, you NEVER know what’s going to happen! But THESE EXPERIENCES, make us the BEST PREPARED to handle any situation!

I can almost guarantee you that whatever YOUR situation, it’s NOT NEW TO US!

Professional and Personal

Liberty Investigations, Inc. is a full service private investigation firm located in the Houston, Texas area. Liberty Investigations, Inc. is licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, Regulatory Services Division and insured for your peace of mind and as required by law. We primarily serve greater Houston and surrounding areas but also offer services statewide. Additionally, with a nationwide network of licensed investigators we routinely work with local investigators to coordinate and oversee any work required in other states.

At Liberty Investigations Inc., we are dedicated to providing the best information possible. We work as a team, each having specific skills as researchers, interviewers, or surveillance specialists. Since every case is different, our services are customized to suit your specific needs.

A detailed and professional report is provided at the conclusion of every investigation unless otherwise requested.

Rest assured, all work is completed within strict compliance with State and Federal laws.